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Your Health is the most

important thing in life...

and the care you need, when

you need it is why I'm here...

to make sure your insurance is 

right for you!

         Free Consultation Valleywide

Franki Sbrocca Leonard

Licensed  Agent






I am ready to help you make this decision easy and affordable

when you are ready.

Franki Sbrocca Leonard







I've lived in Arizona all my life.  I helped my mother with her mother's health issues

and now I'm helping my father with his.  I'm ready to help you with your insurance.


Medicare Supplement Plans

These are the plans that do exactly as they say, "supplement" the costs that are not

covered by Medicare.  They are very important and I am very knowledgeable in

many of the various plans, one of which will be perfect for your health and budget.



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Medicare Advantage Plans

(Part C - Covers A&B and Part D

through private carriers)

Prescription Plans Part D

(These are the plans that help you with the high costs of prescription drugs)


Short Term Plans

These plans are available while you wait for the Open Enrollment Period.

Hospital & Cancer Plans
(These plans are affordable and cover some or all of the cost of a hospital stay and pay a lump sum for a cancer diagnosis)
Individual & Group Plans
with All the Major Carriers


Accident Policies

(An accident policy can help cover all or most of a high deductible individual plan)

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